Founder Interview - Biobloom

Founder Interview - Biobloom

Pragati Anand

Partner, Biobloom


1) Can you tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to create your company?

I’m a masters graduate in IT and later moved to marketing during the course of my career. I was working as a Marketing Manager for a European lighting company before starting Biobloom Organic Products.

During a prolonged & painful medical situation in my family we realized how we had adulterated our lifestyle with chemical laden food & products. I was introduced to some natural products during the same period and subconsciously made the switch.

Once I got hooked...

Founder Interview - Aaranya

Founder Interview - Aaranya

Nagendra Pal Singh

Founder, Aaranya


Can you tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to create your company?

Having spent 20 years in corporate slavery , I realised that I am not cut out to work in such constricted environment so decided to set myself free and do something else. Then the idea of launching the skin care brand struck me and that resulted in the formation of brand Aarnyaa.

Desire and will to provide state of art ,world class natural skin care products to discerning consumers .


What is your brands philosophy? What sets you...

Founder Interview - Holy Lama Naturals

Founder Interview - Holy Lama Naturals

"Fair trade principles and sustainable manufacturing is the basis on which our company was founded."

The Beauty Ingredient Survival Guide

The Beauty Ingredient Survival Guide

The next time you’re out shopping for beauty products, look out for these chemicals and go armed with your own idea of what you’re willing to put in your body.



Is going natural something you just don't have the time or budget for, no matter how vital you think it might be?


What you don't know is that a lot has changed in the natural beauty space, it's easier than you might think to transition to a natural beauty regime and here is why!

Beauty products of the past involved sacrifice - either of time or health. Products were either completely manufactured in labs, laden with toxic chemicals or involved time consuming methods...