Is going natural something you just don't have the time or budget for, no matter how vital you think it might be?


What you don't know is that a lot has changed in the natural beauty space, it's easier than you might think to transition to a natural beauty regime and here is why!

Beauty products of the past involved sacrifice - either of time or health. Products were either completely manufactured in labs, laden with toxic chemicals or involved time consuming methods of preparation at home ~ often without the desired consistency or result. But here is the good news - Natural products have come a long way and whether you want to green your beauty regimen - here are some easy ways to do it...

1. Go slow

Don't think of going green as a complete overhaul of every product you love. The things that work for you now have come from years of trial and error. An easier (and cheaper) strategy is to substitute a few products at a time and find what works for you. Try to substitute soaps with natural, handmade ones....try the natural face-wash your friend raves about...GreenRoute just made trial and error that much easier!

2. Define natural for you

"Natural" means different things to different people—which is part of the reason looking for natural products can get overwhelming. For some, natural might mean nothing less than 100% organic. For others, it could be earth-friendly and sustainable. Your BFF may look for cruelty free products that are not tested on animals. Whatever natural means to you—whether it's free of sulfates (the harsh cleansing agents often found in shampoos and face washes) or overflowing with botanical ingredients—it helps to start understanding the different definitions in this space and the things you do not want in your beauty cabinet.

3. Read the ingredient list

Natural formulas are steadily gaining popularity. Some beauty brands have noticed—and could be trying to fool you. So do your homework before you check out. If you're not sure if a beauty product is natural or not, take a look at the ingredient list. Do you recognise most of them? Can you pronounce them? If so, chances are that it's on the natural end of the spectrum. Educate yourself on what ingredients to avoid and GreenRoute is here to help!

4. Talk to people

Tell people what works and what doesn't in your transition to natural beauty products. Chances are people are often too sceptical to try. Telling them what works and what does not helps us build a community of transparency and trust. It creates positive experiences that lead to positive supply chains!


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