Founder Interview - Aaranya

Nagendra Pal Singh

Founder, Aaranya


Can you tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to create your company?

Having spent 20 years in corporate slavery , I realised that I am not cut out to work in such constricted environment so decided to set myself free and do something else. Then the idea of launching the skin care brand struck me and that resulted in the formation of brand Aarnyaa.

Desire and will to provide state of art ,world class natural skin care products to discerning consumers .


What is your brands philosophy? What sets you apart from other products?

Refer to the age old knowledge of ancient Indian Ayurveda and identify the herbs which are full of natural healing and curing properties. Build and formulate skin care products around them only using the most advance, the western processing technology. Commit less and deliver more…..


What has been the most rewarding and challenging thing about starting?

Presence of too many players in the market with too many brands claiming herbal and Ayurvedic while very few understood the meaning of natural products. However, positioning of brand “ aaranyaa “ as natural skin-care brand paid the dividends when it managed to win the trust and confidence of the discerning consumers which ultimately won its first award by KPMG in year 2014 as one of the fastest growing Indian brands in Asia.


Do you have any advice to offer consumers just starting to transition to natural products?

Do not get carried away by the flashy claims made by the brands that it can address all your skin related problems. Live healthy and be natural…. Be it your life style , eating habits or cosmetic products selection


GreenRoute is featuring your shampoo do you have anything you would like to share about this product?

Say good bye to itchiness & dryness of scalp.This unique sulphate free and color pro shampoo is rich in essential oils and nutrients cleans scalp, promotes growth and protects hair follicile,adds elasticity to hair. This shampoo is specially formulated with Amino Fruit extracts combined with natural essential oils (Seabuckthorn oil as a key active ) to provide complete protection to hair damage from free radical. This shampoo also does away the need for a hair conditioner in certain cases.

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