About us

GreenRoute curates boxes of earth friendly beauty products. It allows customers to discover new products in natural beauty space. GreenRoute connects customers to small and medium artisanal beauty vendors. We provide information about each product and its ingredients and curate seasonal boxes of self-care. Our products are committed to being cruelty free and free from harmful chemicals.


Who are we?

After finishing her PhD, Sunayana decided to combine her work on sustainability with her passion for sustainable self care. She founded GreenRoute in 2016 when her research on sustainable consumption took her into the homes of people who were looking for safe products - ones that would allow them to lead healthier and more ethical lifestyles. You can go here to have an overview of her work.

The process of identifying them, however, was frustrating and confusing. The main gap in natural beauty products was a lack of information – both about the ingredients as well as the range of products available in the market. She decided to create a platform for discovery where customers could receive a range of products, selected according to the season and test for themselves, what works best.


What is special about natural products?

The brands in our box are natural in the sense that they are non-toxic and free from unsafe artificial chemicals. It contains no unsafe chemicals that include -Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol and petrochemicals.

Natural products do not mean chemical free as even plant-based ingredients have chemicals. GreenRoute wants to guide the consumer to understand the discussions around the role and composition of chemicals in beauty products so that there is a fuller understanding of the products we purchase and use.

GreenRoute is committed to creating a space for discussion and knowledge around these chemicals and having consumers understand what constitutes non toxic and sustainable.


Are all brands in the box organic?

All brands in the box are not organic, in some cases because certification is an expensive undertaking for many small and artisanal brands. Our pamphlet and website will clearly guide you as to which products in the box are certified organic or have other certifications. All our products are natural in the sense that they do not use harmful chemicals that pollute our earth and harm our bodies. Ingredients are always clearly labeled and none of our brands are tested on animals. You can also directly get in touch with the concerned vendors through us if you have any questions.


How Is Green Route Different From Sample Box Subscriptions?

Each GreenRoute box is carefully curated to provide amazing, healthy lifestyle products you can trust.

We recognise that consumers have begun asking where they can find the purest and best quality products, but are often overwhelmed by all the choices.

We pick brands that are alternative to mainstream products and allow you to sample and choose the ones that suit you best.

We offer products that are eco-friendly, natural, or organic. We also focus on the mindfulness and care that each box embodies. Our products are wholesome, carefully curated in an aesthetic, well-rounded offering.  


How do I contact you?

You can contact Sunayana directly on sg@greenroute.co or +91 9886067454


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